Building 21st C regional economies. Fascinated by innovation, sustainability, community economic development, networks and compelling people with big brains.

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  1. brett sculthorp says:

    I have been talking with some people in Asheville about a “knowledge mining and manufacturing” process which could generate new business. It has some positives and negatives as a methodology but seems nonetheless important in these times when innovation is so critically needed. I would like to get your feedback.

    I am also working with colleagues on developing the “Center for Local Economies” which will have a website in the next week or so.

    I read part of your blog but would like to know more about Beta Regional Systems.

    • sandymaxey says:


      I appreciate the comment. I’m very interested in learning more about your ideas. As someone who works in community economic development, I’m seeing an opportunity for a parallel process from our region’s usual development process. I’ll email you to connect- but I’d really like to talk with you more.

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