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Random Collisions of Unusual Suspects is a basic premise of innovation.  Ideas. Fields of knowledge. Images. Words. Narratives. People. Places. SM2 explores these points of impact- my renderings of empirical insights and generative dialogues of potentialities. SM2 is my compendium of compelling ideas and fascinating people.

Everything is interrelated. Building a better future requires many things: vulnerability, authenticity, generativity, actionability, audacity, imagination, creativity and connectivity. Connectivity is critical. All of these things occur at the intersection of living and virtual networks, communities.  Community is a fascinating word. So many meanings, encompassing geographical location and interests. SM2 is Action Curation, the 21st Century version of Action Research. Action Curation means, within communities,  participating, observing and curating, all at once. Often defying the time-space continuum, this is a rather audacious assertion. I actually made up the term. I like phrases that speak of “impossible” tasks, yet captivate my imagination and give me something big to aim for.

SM2 is a dynamic unfolding. I begin with no preconceived notion of where these posts will go.  I begin with the basic element- pure, unadulterated Me. The foundation of SM2 is really a bizarre amalgamation of interests, immense curiosity, a voracious appetite for knowledge, odd creativity, profound unreasonableness, pragmatic optimism, petulant impatience and divine urgency.  I am excited to begin something new and look forward to learning as I go. Welcome.